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BMW Welcomes. Future Mobility at BMW Welt

BMW Welcomes

A family friend who works in the automotive industry visited for a week and we spent several pleasant evenings talking about innovation in this vertical…over wine.

There is so much happening in automotive, we get bombarded daily with news about autonomous vehicles, drone deliveries, Tesla’s latest car battery technology, you name it.

Our friend recommended a very intriguing event, BMW Welcomes, held at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, on June 23. BMW Welcomes an innovative event series to give BMW’s special customers unique knowledge about the latest innovations.

This year’s topic was Future Mobility where BMW invited the leading transportation futurists to present on the way we will transport ourselves in the future by significantly increasing range, speed and acceleration.



Some of the Future Mobility top presenters were:

  • Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer Program Office, European Space Agency
  • Daniel Wiegand, Startup presentation: Lilium aviation
  • Dirk Ahlborn, CEO Hyperloop
  • Mariana Avezum, Startup presentation: WARR Hyperloop
  • Oliver Heilmer, Head of Interior Design BMW, BMW Group

Personally I recommend Hyperloop’s CEO presentation – absolute must-see if you are interested in the technology that is going to shape our lives in the next decades. It is 41 minutes long, but well worth the watch.


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